How to judge the DPU type

I have a BlueField2 DPU attached to a host on a PCIe bus. I would like to judge whether it is BlueField2 Ethernet DPU controller card or BlueField2 Ethernet DPU.
I also wonder if it is an Ethernet DPU or an Ethernet\infiniband DPU.How to do this?
Thank you!

Hello @2196651959 ,

Thank you for posting your query on our community. You can use the below command to find the OPN of your card:

lspci -xxxvvv | grep -i MBF

Once you obtain the OPN, you can identify if it is a BlueField2 Ethernet DPU controller or BlueField2 Ethernet DPU or BlueField2 Ethernet/InfiniBand DPU card by searching for it in the below manuals:

BlueField2 Ethernet/InfiniBand DPU cards →
BlueField2 Ethernet DPU cards →
BlueFiled2 Ethernet DPU controller cards →


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