Disabling warnings in pgcc

Can I use a prgama to disable wanrnings that I know I want to ignore in C when compiling with pgcc like I can with MS Visual Studio and other compilers. For example:

#ifdef _MSC_VER

pragma warning( disable : 4127 )/* disable warning that conditional expression*/

/* is constant, TRUE or FALSE in if */

pragma warning( disable : 4056 )/* disable bogus underflow warning in MS VS*/

pragma warning( disable : 4514 )/* disable “inline function removed since not used”, MS VS*/


pragma warning( disable : 1572 )/* disable warning that floating-point comparisons are unreliable */

Hi mmartin,

Unfortunately we don’t support this pragma, but I think it would be a useful feature. I’ve sent a feature request to our compiler team (TPR#3846) and hopefully they can add this to a future release.

Note that warnings can be disabled by adding the “-w” flag.