Do nvidia have any ConnectX-6 cards with SMA (for PPS) on the market?

I’m looking at NIC options and would prefer NICs with SMA adapters for time sync. Nvidia have (I think) 3 part numbers but only one appears on the store and it’s not available to ship and has a 30 week pre-order on it?

Hello Barry,

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Unfortunately the ConnectX-6 Dx is the only adapter which has this ability. For the p/n, you can review the following link →

In the past there was also a ConnectX-5 adapter with this ability but that one became EOL last year.

For the shipping, unfortunately, the current lead times are long, but please continue to re-visit the store for modified shipping dates. If needed, you can leave a message at the store, for them to contact you, when available.

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~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

Thanks for the confirmation. The extended lead time is clearly disappointing. Thanks for the confirmation.