DOCA 1.1 is available now!

Announcing the release of DOCA 1.1 | Bluefield OS v3.7 | DOCA SDK v0.2


  • BlueField-2 DPU 25G & 100G GA
  • BlueField-2 DPU Controller 100G ES

Key Features

  • DOCA FLOW Lib - Gateway
  • DNS & URL Filter example applications
  • Acceleration of Stateful Flow Table (SFT)
  • DOCA DPI Lib with SFT & RegEx acceleration
  • DOCA Runtime Packages for x86
  • BlueField SNAP virtio-blk Resilience
  • BlueField SNAP Direct for virtio-blk

NVIDIA DOCA is an EA program. To get started with DOCA for DPUs, sign up for DOCA early access here: NVIDIA DOCA SDK Early Access | NVIDIA Developer

Check out more details about this release on the blog: NVIDIA Continues BlueField DPU/DOCA Momentum with the Release of DOCA 1.1 | NVIDIA Developer Blog