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Even at the very recent GTC’21, it was announced that DOCA is already available while NVIDIA has just confirmed the upcoming BF-3 DPUs.

I already signed up for early access for DOCA, but still no response. Does this even exist? What is the average waiting time for getting approval done?

@cslev Doca 1.0 is included in the latest BF2 image.

So sorry for this approval delay. I checked this morning and it looks like you’ve been approved. Have fun!

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Hi @jubetz,
I am a research scientist at IIT Bombay and we have procured Bluefield-1 SmartNICs. We have been waiting for the DOCA SDK for quite some time. The latest DOCA SDK is for Bluefield-2 NICs.
Could you help us with the DOCA SDK for Bluefiled-1 NICs?

Hey @rinku, BF1 will not support DOCA. BF1 is missing some hardware acceleration components (Regex, GPU, etc), that DOCA, as a whole, provides programming methods for. BF1 can make use of some of the components that DOCA consists of, such as DPDK and SPDK. It is still a highly programmable and flexible NIC, but does not have all of the same capabilities that DOCA, as a whole, aims to provide.

Thanks for your response, @jubetz. If I understand this correctly, BF1 does not have P4 support too. Could you provide a link that states the features supported by BF1?

I know it might be a cliché, but I don’t think BF1 supports P4. According to the brochure it only supports DPDK.
I am not even sure at the moment, whether BF2 supports P4 :) There is not much information available on how P4 is supported and could be used.