Docs for older Voltaire gear?

Would Mellanox be ok to put the docs online for the (EoL) products of companies they’ve bought?

eg User Guide, Installation Manual, Release notes, (etc)

Asking because I’ve finally just picked up a Voltaire ISR 9024D-M from eBay.

It seems to be possible to download some of the Voltaire docs if a person knows the exact URL to send a http request for… but that’s kind of a pain.

Having a proper list of docs for people using older gear would be very useful to home/hobby/enthusiast users.

Thanks, that’s very cool.

I’ve been obsessively downloading all kinds of 9024D and Infiniscale III stuff from various sites (old mirrors, OEM’s, etc) and getting up the courage to risk trying them out on the switch. Now I don’t have to, and can update using the proper stuff.

Try here:

Hi Justin,

congrats on your new HW !! ;-)

the latest version that you can load on it is version 5.1.1.

i found a bunch of thing from the last release (user manual, image, MIB, release notes) and zip’ed it all for you.

ftp server:

user: 9024-d

pass: 9024-d_eol

hopefully this helps. i worked with this product and other Voltaire products before. hopefully my memory is still working. let me know what specifically you need.


Give me a email.

I was found some documents via googling.

I’ll reply you with documents of ISR9024D-M.

brian - Yeah, already tried that.

The table on that page has a link for “Last Known Version”:

… and for “Product Documentation”:

Unfortunately neither actually lead to anything useful:

  • The “Last Known Version” link (from it’s name) seems to be for downloading software or firmware or something.

    Not sure, as the page asks for a support login, which I don’t have.

    Filled out the request to get one, which was rejected. The rejection email indicates that such a login is actually “Premium Support”, which isn’t clear at all on the website. (the website just makes it sound like a standard thing for all users)

  • The “Product Documentation” link doesn’t seem to have the Voltaire stuff in there. It asks for my serial number, which I type in, and takes me through to the product docs downloader with the “Current Version” stuff highlighted. Clicking on the “End of Life Products” link just brings up that support login again.

Is this how it’s supposed to be? If so, let me point out that’s super non-optimal for Home/Hobby users (who are generally pretty self-sufficient once they have enough info to get up and running).

I do know there are some docs that can’t be made public unless you are a mellanox customer with a login. Let me check with the team again and find out what we can post.

inbusiness - Thanks. Found some docs via googling too, but they’re fairly random versions and some OEM stuff (eg HP, IBM). No idea what the actual most current (at EoL) docs look like.

Also asking to see if this can be addressed “properly” (ie full list of docs/downloads on the website somewhere) so future enthusiasts and home/hobby users starting with legacy stuff have an easier time of it.