Does argus support RAW16 input on Xavier NX?


I would like to use RAW16 bayer from image sensor (due to HDR combination output is RAW16, and I don’t want to use compression, it will make color difference). I saw Xavier & up support RAW16 input. And when the input is RAW10 or RAW12, the pixel data is also translated to 16bits pixel to process.
So I wonder if Argus/ISP supports RAW16 input or not?

Thank you.

hello Hnil.DN,

no, it’s currently not supported with Raw16.
please see-also Topic 266386, you may expect next Jetpack-5 public release will support up-to Raw14.

Thank you for the confirmation.

Do you have any timeline/road map when RAW16 is supported?

hello Hnil.DN,

I’m afraid this has not even include in the roadmap, please expect we’ll not support Raw16 recently.

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