Does cudnnFusedOps_t not support backward fusion?


I try to find the information about CUDNN_FUSED_DACTIVATION_FORK_DBATCHNORM mode of cudnnFusedOps_t, but there is no informations about CUDNN_FUSED_DACTIVATION_FORK_DBATCHNORM in cuDNN API documentation. Also in cudnn_infer.h, CUDNN_FUSED_DACTIVATION_FORK_DBATCHNORM is a parameter that “reserved for future use”. Does cudnnFusedOps_t not support backward operation of activatation feature?

I use cuDNN 7.6.0 in recent NVIDIA MXNet contatiner.

    /* reserved for future use */


Sorry for the delayed response.
Cudnn does support CUDNN_FUSED_DACTIVATION_FORK_DBATCHNORM via cudnnFusedOps_t since v7.6.2.
We recommend you use the latest cuDNN version.

Thank you.