Does Jetson Nano 4GB RAM Developer Kit support 8GB RAM in design if I can solder on it by myself?

Hi the support team,

Due to some AI applications, I need a little more RAM than 4GB on the Jetson Nano. Does the Jetson Nano 4GB Developer Kit support 8GB RAM? If so, I can buy RAM chip and solder by myself.


Hi chenwen19850415,

No, I don’t think the module can be able to solder more RAM on it, and can’t be supported by relevant board file.

Hi kayccc,

TM660M(on Jetson Nano Developer Kit board) only support 4GB RAM? Or the PCB only support 4GB RAM? I just planed to replace the 4GB RAM chips on the Kit board to 8GB RAM chips, then find TM660M may only support 4GB RAM. Is this right information?

Hi chenwen19850415,

For any module modification, it’s violated the warranty and can’t be supported by current BSP SW.

Get it. Thank you very much. Whatever the TM660M support 8GB or not, the BSP configuration does not support. BSP, I can have a try, but not have enough time and source code.