Does Orin(r35.2.1) not support

I’ve tried to use /dev/nvhost-vic directly in r35.2.1based Orin board, but it gives me the error 25, saying “libv4l2: error getting capabilities: Inappropriate ioctl for device”.
I’ve done this successfully in Xavier(4.9.140-tegra) board.
I’ve found that Orin has no in /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/libv4l/plugins/nv directory. Xavier has this symblic link and target library file.
The Package Manifest — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation, states that Orin also has this file.
I don’t know the root cause of such error. But apparently Orin seems not support v4l2 vic plugin any more.

What I’m going to do is like:

  • I have an uvcvideo webcam (which supports only YUYV color format)
  • Using dmafd type buffer, I pass that buffer to the converter for color format conversion to get the image data of YUV420M color format

I’m not sure whether NVBufferTransform… API support this case.

Thanks in advance.

It is for NvVideoConverter class and has been deprecated. For Jetpack 5 release, NvBuffer APIs are also deprecated. Please use NvBufSurface APIs.

We have the migration guide:

Thanks for your advice.
I’ll check your migration guide.

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