Library files for NvVideoConverter not found...!


I am using Jetson Xavier NX Board to develop a camera application. Which records the stream in real time. I am using NvVideoConverter class (which is part of the V4L2 Video Converter ) to manipulate the captured images.

I have written the program logic (source code) and linked all the required header files and the compilation is successful.

But while completing the build the following error occurs :

undefined reference to `NvVideoConverter::createVideoConverter(char const*, int)'
undefined reference to `NvV4l2ElementPlane::setStreamStatus(bool)'
undefined reference to `NvV4l2ElementPlane::dqBuffer(v4l2_buffer&, NvBuffer**, NvBuffer**, unsigned int)'

I understand that these “undefined reference” errors is happening due to missing Library files (.so) /shared object files. I tried linking the lib files available at /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/tegra
But it did not help,

Is there any other location where these files can be found.

Please help to identify the correct library files for this issue.

More info on Board:
Platform: JETSON XAVIER NX from Leopard Imaging (LI-XNX)
Software: JetPack 4.5.1 includes L4T 32.5.1
Extra: Jetson Multimedia APIs are installed and sample applications working

Please refer to MMAPI sample code for it.

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