does PVF support OpenACC?

today, I tried to use PVF to run a fortran code. Before I use OpenACC, the code run succesfully, but after I added OpenACC directives, the code failed as the attached picture:

Didn’t PVF support OpenACC?

Please kindly advise me

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SIsiy Gu

I noted the picture is too small and I don’t know how to upload the picture here. Would you please check this link? I upload the picture at the commend area.

because in fact I want to ask this question to Mr.Mark Harris ,who suggested me to ask you .

Thanks again

Sisiy Gu

Hi Sisiy,

Not yet. The 12.3 OpenACC beta support is currently only available on Linux.

  • Mat

Hi Sisiy,

I posted the following comment on NVIDIA’s site:

While the OpenACC portion of the code wont compile, the original Fortran source should. This is one of the advantages of using directives, it makes your code more portable and can still be compiled by compilers that do not support OpenACC.

I suspect that the source is not compiling and the link error is just a side effect. Are there other errors besides the link error?

I just downloaded the source and it compiled and linked for me within PVF. However, I did have to enable preprocessing (Configuration Properties->Fortran->Preprocessing) due to the preprocessing directives.

  • Mat