Does the E3322 pcb board can supprt to Jetson TX1 use L4T 28.1?

Does the E3322 pcb board can supprt to Jetson TX1 use L4T 28.1?
Which eeprom chip is use for E3322 PCB board?

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I use imx219 mipi sensor for jetson TX1 and L4T v28.1,now I will rebuild the tx1 kernel file.then I need modify the dtsi file for device-tree.
now I find the E3322 board supprt imx219,then I think use tegra186-camera-e3322-a00.dtsi file modify to jetson tx1 and imx219 device-tree file.
Can you offert some help?let me finish this modify.

I think you can reference to the e3333 for 6 sensors on TX1 too.

now can you tell me which eeprom chip is use for the e3333 ?
which iic bus line is used to the eeprom chip?

Hi, eeprom p/n is CAT24C02HU4IGT3A, I2C is CAM_I2C.

Does the CAT24C02HU4IGT3A is need Pre write data?
What data and address is need write?

Please check the sensor programing guide “Using Plugin Manager” the ids = “LPRD-002001”; is what you need to write to the EEPROM. That means your DT define what data need to write to the EEPROM.

Using Plugin Manager
If your camera module has onboard EEPROM and has a valid camera ID programmed, Plugin Manager can be used. If your device module does not meet this requirement, use the main platform device tree instead by following the directions in Using Main Platform Device Tree File.
Plugin Manager automatically links devices when the system kernel boots. Plugin Manager uses the camera module ID returned by the boot loader to update the device tree entries with proper information at runtime. Plugin Manager allows a single system image to support multiple camera devices. To change camera modules, power down the device, replace the camera module, and then reboot. The new module works automatically.
For Plugin Manager support
1. Add your DTSI file to the camera configuration DTSI file.
2. Set the status of your device nodes to “disabled” as follows.
		imx185_cam0: imx185_a@1a {
			status = "disabled";
3. Update the camera plugin manager DTSI with proper override information.
		fragment-imx185@0 {
			ids = "LPRD-002001";
			override@0 {
				target = <&imx185_cam0>;
				_overlay_ {
					status = "okay";
When the kernel boots, if a specific camera board is found, the override data is applied to the specific device nodes, and they are made available for the system.

then,What ids is if I use the imx274 sensor?
What ids is if I use the imx219 sensor?

No need specific value. Just need the make sure EERPOM data match the DT define.