Does the Grace CPU support Arm CCA?

Arm introduced CCA (Confidential Compute Architecture) with the ArmV9-A ISA which is used in the Arm Neoverse V2 cores found in the Grace CPU, but I can’t find any information on whether the Grace CPU itself has CCA support.

It’s a feature that would be required in systems built around Grace (such as the DGX GH200) to make use of confidential computing features in the H100 GPU [0], so given the attention to confidential computing with the H100, I thought there would be some mention of it for NVIDIA’s new Grace CPU given its tight integration in the GH200 Superchip, but so far I haven’t found any confirmation one way or the other.

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Grace design was locked down before CCA was fully ratified. The need for the solution to come to market ASAP outweighed waiting for CCA ratification and implementation, and as such, does not support it.

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