Does the tracker assign the same tracking ID for each stream/Source?

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Referring back to this. I need clarification

If I have a tracker and multiple different streams. When streams 1 and 2 start and both detect the first object, would the tracking ID of the first object be 0 and 1 correspondingly? Thus, Stream1-object0 and Stream2-obtect1
I am having that behavior in my Deepstream application and I am not sure if that is the correct behavior, I thought it would start a new tracker ID for each stream like Stream1-Object0 and Stream2-Object0

Another example: if I have 100 objects detected in Stream1 so: Stream1-Object0, Stream1-Object1,…, Stream1-Object99 and then in Stream2 I detect the first object, the tracker will assign an ID of 100: Stream2-Object100 instead of Stream2-Object0

Please have a try with latest DeepStream 6.2 release.
Please try to set useUniqueID for your issue.

@kesong upgraded to Deepstream 6.2, still the same.
useUniqueID is present also in DS 6.1 and that creates a 64-bit long Unique ID when assigning tracker ID.

From the documentation:

Note that the incrementation of the lower 32-bit of the target ID is done across the whole video stream in the same NvMultiObjectTracker library instantiation. Thus, even if the unique ID generation is disabled, the tracker IDs will be unique for the same pipeline run. If the unique ID generation is disabled, and if there are three objects for Stream 1 and two objects for Stream 2, for example, the target IDs will be assigned from 0 to 4 (instead of 0 to 2 for Stream 1 and 0 to 1 for Stream 2) as long as the two streams are being processed by the same library instantiation.

So it is the expected behavior
Thanks @kesong

@kesong I read the released highlights of Deepstream 6.2 and it states that:

New and enhanced multi-object trackers with state-of-the art performance and accuracy.

What was enhanced in the tracker in DS 6.2 that DS 6.1 doesn’t have?

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