Does virtual resolutions support custom position?

When activating a virtual resolution that is smaller then the native one and scaling is deactivated the active desktop is only a fraction of the screen. It is always placed in the middle with black bars around it.

Is there a way to set the position of the active area (e.g. vertically top or bottom)?

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We have sent your query to the respective team for details and we will get back to you on same.

However, I would like to get some additional information from you for our team to understand your issue better.

  1. By the word Virtual Resolution, do you mean Custom Resolution or any standard resolution that is smaller than the native resolution?
  2. What is the exact value of the setting Scaling on the NVIDIA Control Panel’s Adjust Desktop Size and Position page? I assume it would be No Scaling in your case, since you see black vertical bars around the actual source image.
  3. Can you once experiment with the settings (horizontal sliders) in the following page in NVIDIA Control Panel?
    3.1) Go to Adjust Desktop Size and Position page.
    3.2) Select the display (if there are more than one) in option 1 at the top of the page.
    3.3.) In option 2 named Apply the following settings, go to the Size tab.
    3.4) On that tab, check the box named Enable Desktop Resizing.
    3.5) Click on Resize and check the effect of the sliders.

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Thank you for your answer.

  1. Yes, I mean custom resolution.

  2. It is in German, but I think the options are called “No scaling” and GPU scaling is enabled.

  3. Everything regarding resizing works well there. I also get a smaller desktop in my program using NVAPI. But my question was, if the position of the smaller desktop can be influenced by NVAPI. There are no sliders for the position and my hope is that there is a way to set that programmatically.

Thank you for the quick answers.

You are right that there are no sliders to change the position of the source content on the screen. From my knowledge about NvAPI, the OS interface that we use to apply the display settings do not have any provision to set the position parameters that would take the entire source rectangle on any side of the center.
I will follow up on this with the development team and get back to you with confirmed information.

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Hello @FoLLgoTT

I heard back from the development team. Moving the source rectangle (active visible area) towards any edge is not possible. In other words, the center of the source rectangle and the center of the monitor must coincide. I hope that clarifies your concern.

I will close the thread once I get an acknowledgement from you.

Thank you.

Ok, thank you. The topic can be closed.

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