How to use NvAPI_DISP_TryCustomDisplay to change display resolution

We need to change display resolution in a Windows 10 VM based on T4-4Q vGPU. we found that any custom resolution will fail to set with “NvAPI_DISP_TryCustomDisplay” API.

Could you help to provide any samples/docs/assets/steps about how to use “NvAPI_DISP_TryCustomDisplay” to set display resolution? Also, if “NvAPI_DISP_TryCustomDisplay” can not set these display resolutions, is there any other ways/APIs that can help to change display resolution? thanks.

Dear @Lisa-Su

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We have sent your query to our technical team and we will get back to you on the updates.

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Hello @Lisa-Su

Are you specifically interested in creating and setting a “custom resolution”, or do you just want to change resolution to the ones available in the EDID (the resolutions that you see in MS Display Settings UI)?

Thank you.
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We want to set the custom resolution of the T4 graphics card in the WIndows 10 VM through NVAPI, which is used for the custom resolution scene of the VDI desktop