Does vma specific functions work in Connect X 4 or 4 LR ? [SOLVED]

Hello, we reading this manual for vma:

For example there is ““Dummy Send” feature is supported in hardware starting from ConnectX-4 NIC”

and “Multi Packet Receive Queue: Mellanox ConnectX-4 LX / ConnectX-5 or above.”

Will it work on connectx-4 lx? or only starts from connectx-4?

Which card “better”?

Thx for your cooperation, Alex.


please refer the VMA user manual:

Hi Alex,

If you are trying to use Multi Packet Receive Queue with VMA API it’s focused on Media use cases.

I think it will be best if you be more specific with your use case and needs and we can direct you how it can be achieved.



Hi Nir,

I cant find info about working it on X-4 or X-4LX, there is only vma manual for 8.4.* version, not higher.

Hi Alexander,

you are referring to two different features:

  • Dummy send is supported on ConnectX-4, ConnectX-4LX and ConnectX-5
  • Multi Packet Receive Queue is supported on ConnectX-4LX and ConnectX-5

These two features are used for different use cases.

The Dummy send is been used for low rate traffic - usually in the financial market.

The Multi Packet Receive Queue is been used for Media use cases.

I hope this answers your question.

Best Regards,

Nir Nitzani

Hello, Nir.

Thanks for your answer.

So does it mean that Explicit Ring Polling doesnt supported by ConnectX-4LX ?

Hi Nir,

It’s for market, but we want try Multi Packet Receive Queue too.

Can you answer about Explicit Ring Polling?

We interested in it much more than i MPRQ

Hi Alex,

In order to get data directly from the Ring you can try our SocketXtreme feature.

Okey Nir,

Thank a lot for your cooperation