Packet Drops issue

On VMA library we are trying to use Zero copy with vma_api

We are receiving udp packet of 38-45 byte (single packet size) .

And there are 10 multicast stream which are transmitting 200mb per second.

we are using ConnectX-4 Lx

Command —> VMA_SPEC=latency nice -n -19 ./InMemoryData

Here InMemoryData is basically written in C++ which is a multithreaded application, all the threads in this application holds a dedicated core for optimization.

Sole purpose of this application is sending and receiving Orderpackets via TCP and UDP protocols .

All setting are Default ----------- do we need to change anything ? to stop packet drop.

vma_stats -v 3

Rx Offload: 798618 / 21198022 / 0 / 0 [kilobytes/packets/eagains/errors]

Rx byte: cur 0 / max 1956 / dropped 0 / limit 134217728

Rx pkt : cur 0 / max 50 / dropped 0


Polling CPU:0%

Polls [miss/hit]: 0 / 2 (100.00%)


Polling CPU:0%

Rx fds ready: 483250 / 28236 [os/offload]

polls [miss/hit]: 7503 / 543683 (98.64%)

Timeouts: 7503


Polling CPU:0%

Rx fds ready: 0 / 534095285 [os/offload]

Polls [miss/hit]: 0 / 504457621 (100.00%)


Packets dropped: 0

Packets queue len: 0

Drained max: 0

Buffer pool size: 15


Tx Offload: 12087 / 63550 [kilobytes/packets]

Rx Offload: 41794018 / 534187247 [kilobytes/packets]

Retransmissions: 2


Size: 199701

No buffers error: 0


Size: 199745

No buffers error: 0

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