Downgrading Cuda 11 doesn't work

Hello everybody.

I had bought a new notebook with Nvidia GTX 1650 and installed Windows 10.

Once I’m studing Artificial Intelligence, I downloaded and installed tha latest version of CUDA (11). Then I discovered that Tensorflow, PyTorch and MXNet don’t work with this CUDA version.

I tried to downgrade it from conda and didn’t work.

I uninstalled every Nvidia App. I had also to delete manualy from my computer every file and folder with cuda or nvidia in the name. I downloaded and installed 10.2 version and its patch 1. When I run nvidia-smi.exe it returns that my CUDA version is 11.1.

How can I do to actually downgrade CUDA version in order to work with these Frameworks?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, check out LivelyLinux 20.04 and 20.10 It has all compatible components from NVidia drivers to Tensorflow, PyCharm, Anaconda, and Python.