Downgrade CUDA Tools 9.0 to 8.0 and cuDNN 8.0 to 6.1 on Win10


total noob here.
For a student project I need KERAS, which requires Tensorflow, which requires CUDA Tools and cuDNN.
Without paying the due attention I installed the latest version of these NVIDIA libraries and tools and now I need to downgrade because Tensorflow requires 8.0 and 6.1 respectively (I only can find cuDNN 6.0).
How do I downgrade without messing my system up? (Windows 10, Tensorflow already installed via Anaconda before the NVIDIA packages - didn’t know what I was thinking)

Thank you in advance for any help

I did the same thing…

Seems to have been succesfully uninstalled through Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features

Hope it works!