Dp link training 2 times

Hi, we have a question:
when dp plug out then plug in, the dp training will start 2 times training.
The first had training pass, why did it start a second time?
dp-training-log.txt (11.9 KB)

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

yes,we still want to know the reason!

Every time the device blank and unblank the fb, it will restart the training. You can trace the driver code to understand how it works.

我意思是在检测到插入后,开始dp training ,training pass后,按说就可以了,不太明白又来一次dp training, 第二次dp training是正常的work流程吗? 因为我们使用brindge做了edp\dp转HDMI,在做hmdi插拔测试时,快速拔出、插入有时会导致hpd work处理的dc put \dc get出现死锁异常,在想减少一次dp training会不会有所改善,但这部分我们不知能否修改?

I don’t know. You can trace the code by yourself directly to see why it would have another link training.

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