DPDK-mlx5 set_mac question on Mellanox NIC passthru (or SR-IOV) at VMWare Hypervisor.

Hi, Experts:

When deploying VM, I have meet an issue about mlx5_mac_addr_set() to set a new MAC different with the MAC that VMWare Hypervisor generated,

and the unicast traffic (ping) fails, while ARP has learned the new MAC. Since Mellanox NIC is not set anti-spoofing by default,

the VMWare lloks to add some anti-mac-spoofing functionality. The VF is configured through pciPassthru.

I have googled online and some link mentions to set the following parameters in VMX, but it looks NOT working:

pciPassthru0.noPromisc = “false”

pciPassthru0.noForgedSrcAddr = “false”

pciPassthru1.noPromisc = “false”

pciPassthru1.noForgedSrcAddr = “false”

(Note: it is not SR-IOV, and there has no up-link vswitch Port Group there for passthru pciDevice).

Someone else may have asked this question already. I have two questions:

1): Does Mellanox community has finalized the method or document? or no solution yet?

2): How to check (which instruction) whether Mellanox NIC anti-MAC-spoofing status?


– Edward

Hi Edward,

Thank you for posting your question on the Mellanox Community.

Based on the information provided, this issue needs more engineering effort.

Can you please open a Mellanox Support case by emailing support@mellanox.com mailto:support@mellanox.com

Thanks and regards,

~Mellanox Technical Support