DPDK over OVS hardware - offloaded Bluefield SmartNIC


I am still working on OVS and DPDK on Bluefield SmartNIC.


I tried running DPDK after offloading OVS on SmartNIC hardware.

In my knowledge, I thought I would be able to control packet forwarding by HW-offloaded OVS with the highest priority. However, when I ran DPDK, it ignored offloaded rules, and receive/transmit packet.

Does DPDK completely ignores OVS rules? Or is there any way to run DPDK over OVS?



Once you added your ovs rules and the offloading is enabled .

ovs-vsctl set Open_vSwitch . other_config:hw-offload=true

(check also the hw-tc-offload via ethtool -k | grep hw-tc-offload)

You will be able to dump the flows that are offloaded

ovs-dpctl dump-flows type=offloaded

Let me know if it answers your question.


I’ve set hw-offload option of ovs, but it still didn’t work.

Actually, I could not find any rules by ovs-dpctl, while ovs-ofctl showed bridge rule which is currently forwarding packets between the network(p0) and host(pf0hpf).

Is there any special way to make a hw-offloaded rule?