I want to use OVS-DOCA with Bluefield-2


I have “MT42822 BlueField-2 integrated ConnectX-6 Dx” DPU and I’m trying to use/setup OVS_DOCA as mentioned https://docs.nvidia.com/doca/sdk/switching-support/index.html#ovs-doca-hardware-offloads.

There isn’t much detail about how to use and play with the DOCA datapath (if it is an OVS datapath just like OVS-Kernel and OVS-DPDK).

I want a comprehensive and complete step-by-step guide of how to setup and use DOCA with Open vSwitch.


Hello @farhantariq1016,

OVS DOCA uses DOCA api as an HW offload layer for the flow insertion to HW while the datapath remains the same as with OVS DPDK.
As mentioned in the manual, to use DOCA offload for the flow insertion you will have to set an additional parameter “doca-init=true” in addition to “dpdk-init=true”.
With DOCA enabled on top of DPDK, the flow insertion is done via the doca flow api instead of rte_flow.

Please let me know if that answers your question or any further information is required.

Hello @lariel1

Thanks for your response. I’m trying to use just as the manual says using the ‘doca-init=true’ and ‘dpdk-init=true’, but when I dump the ovs flows, i’m unable to see any indication whether the flow is offloaded to/through doca. Moreover, in ovs source code, i can see that there is handling of ovs-tc and ovs-dpdk, but I cant find anything related to doca.

Can you tell me the OvS version required for using OvS-DOCA?

Thanks for cooperation.