Good day!

There is a server with Mellanox ConnectX-3 FDR InfiniBand + 40GigE, model: CX354A. Firmware version 2.42.5000. Running ubuntu LTS 16.04.3. Mlnx_ofed_linux driver installed-4.4- with --dpdk --upstream-libs keys. Dpdk 16.04 is installed.

Dpdk applications work, but if you put one of the ports on the mellanox Board into infiniband mode, the applications stop working. Is it possible to use one of the ports of this Board in infiniband mode, and the second to use for dpdk applications?

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely, Artem!

Thanks for your reply!

Please tell me if I can have this configuration, deploy 2 on the process. On one port, deploy reception in dpdk mode, on the second port, transmit in dpdk mode?

Hi Artem,

Please note it’s expected behavior for ConnectX-3 adapters .

For ConnectX-3 DPDK doesn’t support IB binding since both ports share a single function id.