How to enable extended tag on ConnectX-3 ?

Hi all,

I’m using DPDK with a Mellanox ConnectX-3. Performance is quite good but I was wondering if it is possible to enable extended tag to increase performance for small packets ?

In DPDK docs (5. Enabling Additional Functionality — DPDK 2.2.0-rc0 documentation ) some addresses are specified to be used with setpci but I am not sure if these are the same on the Mellanox Card ?

Furthermore, I cant seem to change the data on those addresses even if I wanted to ;-)

Using the config option in DPDK does not seem to yield a performance difference… probably because it only applies to adapters using the igb_uio driver.

I have successfully changed the max read request using setpci and register 68.w… So my question is: Is there a similar way to enable extended tag ?

ConnectX-3 adapters do not support extended tag. Extended tag is supported on ConnectX-4 / Lx and Connect-IB.