Driver bugs 465.27 with kwin_wayland and dumb buffers

Hi All

Recently kwin has added support for NVidia as secondary GPU with CPU copy whilst using kwin_wayland.
MR 1031 on
This MR has been merged but the kwin night colour effect is not working properly on the external monitor.

Xaver Hugl authored another kwin patchset to overaul the DRM pipeline which he hoped would fix the issue.
MR 877 on
Whilst this patchset is close to mergable status and has allowed the nvidia gpu to be used through dumb buffers, it appears that the nvidia driver does not support the necessary gamma ramp parts on cpu copy (night color works with the nvidia driver on X11 even in prime configuation). Also there are spurious errors in the journal that kwin is receiving invalid timestamps from the DP monitor. Could somene please look at these two issues? It would complete support in kwin for Nvidia discrete gpu’s (at least until the Nvidia driver provides complete prime support in the wayland setting). This is tremendously exciting to finally be able to utilise my laptop to its full potential in wayland.

Thanks in advance.

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@aplattner & @ekurzinger - Any ideas on this? This patchset has been merged but these issues remain.