Driver v375.26 (and all former v375.x) not returning to the console on X shutdown

When X is shut down (by any mean) while active (i.e. when not displaying a console), the display never returns to the console and stays blank, the CTRL ALT Fn keys not working either any more after this happens.

I already described this bug in full details here, so not going to re-describe it again…

I’ll just add that the issue also happens if trying to shut down or reboot the computer from the gdm greeter, or when killing the X server with CTRL ALT BACKSPACE (and these cannot be worked around with explicit “chvt 1;sleep 2” commands added to the rc files).

I’m attaching the traditional nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file.

Please fix this show stopper, or revert to the old (pre-v375) console restoring code which, even if not perfect, was at least working !
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (219 KB)

Also seeing this since at least 375, possibly also 370 on a gtx 1070 on haswell.

The v370 drivers (and older) have always been unaffected by such a bug for me (on all my systems, with GTX 460, 660, 970).

Only the v375 series (with their new console restoration code) are affected.