Driver version 417.35 causes CL_NO_VALID_ICDS (-1001) from function clGetPlatform()

I am building software on the OpenCL API, and the call to clGetPlatform(0, NULL, &numPlatforms)

a) is successful for driver version 411.31
b) is failure for driver version 417.35

The error code in case b) is CL_NO_VALID_ICDS (-1001)

Please note that my steps were:

  1. I have uninstalled nVidia driver
  2. I installed CUDA 10 SDK which comes with driver 411.31
  3. I rebuilt my application and it was working correctly
  4. I installed driver 417.35
  5. I ran my application, and it crashes with code CL_NO_VALID_ICDS (-1001)
  6. I rebuilt my application and it still crashes with code CL_NO_VALID_ICDS (-1001)

Please, can you advise what might be the issue; why upgrade from 411.31 to 417.35 causes such problems?

You might want to file a bug (see the forum sticky forum post at the top of this forum). Note that if you do so, you will probably be asked for additional details, such as the operating system you are running on (which version of windows), the GPU you are using, and a short but complete code that demonstrates the issue.

Following the advice I have reported a bug: