DSI LCD display interfacing

I want to interface a DSI LCD panel with the Tegra X2 as a user interface. From the forums I understand that there is no recommended part for this from Nvidia. I have procured a WXGA LCD panel but I am facing some difficulties getting it up and running.

I have designed an adapter board for it .
TX2 --> J23 adapter board --> LCD Panel.

I need help in the following -
I’m using a WXGA LCD panel connected via the J23 DSI. I would like to know how to set it up in the device tree blob (DTB) and also the Linux driver code settings for the LCD specifications.

Thanks in advance.

Hi manoj_htic,

DSI on TX2 is by default enabled in dtb if using Jetpack. You could refer to it first.

Hi WayneWWW ,
I have connected the display panel to the TX2 via DSI (J23) .

I am using Jetpack 3.0 - L4T 27.1

Is there any necessary steps or modifications to be done on the DTB File because I cant get the Display panel to work. Is powering the panel the issue or any other. Please guide.

Understand you might be in the middle of debugging the issue, but now that we have latest and greatest r28.1 release out, it will be really helpful to move to this version for your development. These 2 versions of BSP have significant delta so try to avoid debugging a issue that was addressed by new release.

Hope the transition effort is not huge to you. Thanks in advance.