Use a DSI LCD for TX2

We want to use a DSI lcd for TX2. Now,the LCD can't work.How can i find the document about how to use TX2's DSI bus. Especially on the use of Registers.  
Here are some parameters about LCD we used,Can it support TX2?
     two data lanes maximum speed 500Mbps;
     support DSI version 1.02.00
     support D-PHY cersion 1.00.00
     support DCS version 1.02.00


Please refer to tx2 TRM for some specs. -> Technical Reference Manual

Thanks for you help. But i found it’s too difficult to find which is wrong in hardware and software,Especially when they are all newly developed. It would be great if there were mature LCD hardware. So I can easily identify where the mistake is in software.Can you tell me Which manufacturer’s product really works on TX2?

Please refer to this one in kernel source. This is the working panel on tx2 which is from Sharp.


Can you provide the LCD model? I want to buy a real object.
Thank you。


The model number is “LQ080M1SX01 5900037676” from Sharp.


In the dts file hardware/nvidia/platform/tegra/common/kernel-dts/panels/panel-s-wuxga-8-0.dtsi,
The device tree node hostlx/dsi/panel-a-wuxga-8-0 's status assign value “disable”.
For get the screen working, I need to assign status value to “okay” ?

Yes, panel-s-wuxga-8-0 should be set to “okay”.