Jetson TX2 setup : i2c configuration and dsi configuration

I want to output the image to a panel (LVDS) using the SN65DSI83(SN65DSI85).
LVDS panel output utilizing DSI port.

  1. I2C inquiries
    i2c is connected to 22pin(I2C_GP0_CLK_1V8) and 24pin(I2C_GP0_DAT_1V8) of DISPLAY CONNECTOR.
    i2c setting was as follows.
             i2c @ 3160000 {
                     sn65dsi85 @ 2c {
                             compatible = “ti, sn65dsi85”;
                             reg = <0x2C>;
    However, no signal comes out.
    I know if the pin I connected is correct for I2c0.
    Also, I want to know how to set up i2c.(Checking list)

  2. DSI Inquiries
    I want to output image(1024x600 resolution) by using CON_DSI_A(4 lane).
    I want to know how to set up DSI.
    (This is the first time for the DSI control.)

  1. The I2C_GP0_x is i2c1 aka i2c@c240000
  2. You need get the configure from the vendor.


SN65DSI83 : (Refrence : Datasheet)
D-PHY version 1.00.00
DSI version 1.02.00

TX2 : (Refrence : TRM)
D-PHY version 1.2
DSI version 1.2

1_ In fact, DSI V1.3 use D-PHY v1.2, and DSI v1.2 use D-PHY v1.1 . So TRM is wrong
Or where I am wrong
What is the correct specification?

2_ Anyway, (TX2 DSI be v1.2 or v1.3), Can SN65DSI83 and TX2 work together? SN65DSI83 is 1.02.00

Hi, yes as you said, TRM will be updated soon. Should be no problem for SN65DSI83 to work with TX2.

Hi, I am struggling in the same task: run SN65DSI83 to bridge DSI and a LVDS panel on TX2. is there any dts file for reference? I changed lot of files, still not work.


We only support pure DSI panel case. There is no support for LVDS panel.