Dual DSI output help

Hello all,
I am currently trying to get dual DSI outputs on the jetson TX1 working. I was able to get one enabled by modifying the device tree and setting the appropriate DC nodes to enabled along with adding in my custom panel node with no C code modifications.

From the technical reference manual it says the TX1 supports “Two DSI controllers, each drives the data on the respective D-PHY lanes” but I cannot seem to find any examples in the documentation on how to go about enabling it.

Is it a simple device tree modification or will kernel code need to be modified to implement this feature and where should I start?

Thanks in advance.


Technical reference manual (TRM) only indicates the hardware capability.We don’t have dual dsi driver supported in our driver.

Maybe other forum user can share their experience here.

Is it not supported in general or just for the TX1 display driver. Looking around, the TX2 has 3 display controllers so if we switched development to the TX2 would there be at least some form of software support?


It is just the TX1 display driver that does not support.