Can TX1 support two DSI x4, one HDMI work simultaneously

Hi Everyone:
We have our customed tx1 board. We want to use tx1 to support two DSI x4 and one HDMI simultaneously. whether tx1 support this mode or not. If support, How can i modify the dts to make two DSI x4 and one HDMI work simultaneously.
The software that we use is l4t-28.1.



Unfortunately, we have some error in DSI-B controller, so 2 DSIx4 is not available on BSP now.

Single DSI + HDMI usecase works fine.

Hi WayneWWW,

Thanks for your reply.
A little more, which error happen to DSI-B controller, hardware or software? Is there any plan to fix it?
Does l4t-28.2 have this error or not?



It is a sw issue. Unfortunately, I don’t see any plan to fix it at this moment but already put this topic there to draw more attention on this.

If any news, I’ll update it here.