3 displays on TX1?

Is it possible to have 3 display outputs from the TX1 or TX2? The datasheet says only two SOR’s are available for HDMI / eDP output, and it sounds like the DSI port uses separate resources? If it’s not possible with HDMI + eDP + DSI all at once, perhaps it is possible by splitting the lanes of the DSI output for two monitors? One screen only needs to be very low res (VGA). If it’s not possible out of the box, is there potentially some way to do it with external hardware? ie. DSI to HDMI converter, etc.



Only TX2 is able to output 3 display. HDMI/DP+ HDMI/DP +DSI is possible on tx2. As for spltting the lanes of DSI to 2 monitors, there were also some users asking about this. Unfortunately, this usecase was never implemented in our dsi driver. Thus, currently there are only up to 3 display head but not 4.