[Need help] Connect NVIDIA Touch Screen Panel to Jetson TX2


I recently purchased an unknown NVIDIA Touch Screen Panel on Ebay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nvidia-Jetson-Touchscreen-Display/252733978252?hash=item3ad81e768c:g:AN8AAOSwLEtYgx9l).

However, I am not sure which cable accessories I need to purchase in order to make this working.

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.



I did look into that opportunity and did make a little research, and it turned out to me that it is a somewhat obsolete model of a display that won’t easily cohere with Jetson anyhow. By the estimate it has lvds connector. It also appears to have somewhat drive px compatible connector.[blue with gold within] In somewhat 2011 it used to look like at the picture attached. That said, in my opinion, it is unlikely that you will manage to get it to work with Jetson.

Hi Andrey184,

Thank you for your input. You are right that the LCD connects to the controller using LVDS. What if I swap the NVIDIA with a LVDS-HDMI Converter?

Would it be a good idea to do that? Since I think the LCD screen is a generic 10.1’’ LCD Panel, it may be possible to use any LCD controller. I am not sure about the touch option, though.

I will keep this post updated.


From the SW support scope, L4T BSP currently does not support touch option, but some forum user has experience of how to bring up it.

As for bring up panel only, LVDS is no longer supported on TX2. As a result, you may try to use LVDS-HDMI converter.