Display for Jetson TX2

Hi there!

I bought a TX2 for my final grade project.

I wonder if you know any 7-inches display like this raspberrian one:


Does it works for jetson TX2 ?



Direct support without trouble probably requires HDMI. eDP is supported, but may take some work.

NOTE: The EDID is the way the driver detects modes. EDID must match a mode supported by the display.

Does anyone have an idea if usb3.0 display will work without issues with Jetson Ubuntu OS and hardware?
Seems it would need somewhat Displaylink driver. It would be a chance to have two display outputs if it works: one with hdmi and one via usb3.0.

We cannot guarantee if tegra definitely supports specific monitor. But generally tx2 supports DP/eDP and HDMI.


I wonder how displaylink works. Their guide shows they can only support kernel before 4.14 and seems related to DRM. We support DRM but only on TX2, which means only k4.4.