Internal Display Panel on Jetson TK1

The suitable Capacitive touch screen display like Internal LCD panel on Jetson TK1. My intention is to try a Fusion 7 Touch Display type: F07A-0102 from “Touch Rvolution”. What is your opinion? Do you have a better suggestion? Thank you for your assistance.

This display has a TTL interface, while the Jetson has an LVDS or eDP output. You need a converter IC for this to work.

Thank you very much for your replay. I don’t know if the signals LVDS and I2C (for Touch panel) at J3A1 expamsion Header on Jetson TK1, can be found also on the connectors of different Capacitive Touch screen display Panels, available on the market… I didn’t find no one of these Panel Displays that offer the signals name/signification at the FFC connectors (for DATA LVDS, or I2C)! Are you so kind to give a new suggestion? Thanks.