Need a touch display for my Jetson


I want to use my Jetson with a Touch Display and already tried using the 7" Capacitive Touch display from Chalkboard electronic. This however is not working as it should, allthough some in this forum apparantly got it to work. (See my post about the display here:

So I wanted to ask if someone here knows another display that reliably or proven works with the Jetson. I would need a size of about 7" or less and a touch possibility.

Is there a supported hardware list or knowledge base where such things would be written down?

Thanks in advance and best regards

I’ve got an older Lilliput 7" HDMI monitor that works OK. Unfortunately, I can’t find the model number anywhere on the device, box ,or documentation.

I am now using a 10" Lilliput resistive touch monitor that is working fine at its native resolution of 1280x720 (model FA1000 NP/C/T). Multiysnc doesn’t work very well however (can’t crtl-alt-F# to a terminal session when at higher resolutions, and HDMI sound stops working). I haven’t tried touch drivers yet, but it is supposed to support linux.

Anyway, you might try a Lilliput 7" monitor.


Hey, I want to know which all 7’’ non-touch displays are supported by jetson TK1?


I imagine most displays that can connect via HDMI would work (though it would help if it uses a common resolution, say 1280x720 or 1920x1080) so long as it outputs a valid EDID. eDP or LVDS connections have been a bit more tricky however, as noted in many threads here.

I use this: