Jetson Nano interface with touch screen

Can we interface any touchscreen with Jetson nano? If yes, then please let me know which touchscreen and any tutorial available for that.


What size of screen are you looking for? A computer monitor with the appropriate digital input and ubuntu drivers should work. But it’s likely going to be expensive.

I am looking to interface a touchscreen mentioned below

Yeah – that won’t work. The Nano doesn’t have a DSI port. You need to find a display that has DisplayPort or HDMI input and USB touchscreen output.

Thank you for the reply. I will find and test the 7 inch touchscreen with HDMI and USB port and update you.


Hi, may I ask is there any progress about testing of the touch screen with nano? I’m also looking for applying touch screen on nano recently…


Nano with touchscreen works fine, as long as you use a HDMI display with USB interface.
For example:
I would recommend also using a monitor with separate power supply, not use the Nano USB as power source, given the power constraints of the Nano development board.

Note that many of the 7" displays are of limited native resolution (800x480 or 1024x600 or so) which may limit how you can interact with software on the display.

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Are you sure of this, or maybe was there an update? I see in the documentation that the Jetson nano indeed has a DSI port