How to connect jetson Nano for the Monitor

hallo, i newbie using jetson nano, any tutorial for me to connect HDMI Monitor 5 inch for jetson nano, i am using 5 inch HDMI LCD waveshare



May I know what interface is this LCD using ? Does it have native HDMI port?

5 inch LCD everything is normal, but when I first login the keypad menu is not visible, so I have to use the keyboard to enter my password.

is there something wrong? Is there a default setting?

Does it have a touch on it? What interface are you using now?

yes have, but difficult, i will make project for color detection with Raspy kamera, the result will seen in 5 inch LCD with GUI.

Normally if you are using only HDMI port, then it does not support the touch.

The touches have support, but are not sensitive, are there recommendations for choosing a monitor?

Actually I just wanted to know how you connect your monitor to jetson nano…

If it is just pure hdmi cable, then it should not support touch. Do you connect it to the 40pin header on jetson nano…?

If you don’t need a touch, then a monitor with HDMI port should work fine on jetson nano.

i just conect with pure hdmi, i am not connect it to the 40 pin header.
how to my nano support touch in lcd?

i after instal matchbox-keypad, but stil not working.