Xpt2046 - kuman 5inch lcd display with jetson nano

Hi everyone,

I have been playing with jetson nano for a weeks. Now I want to use it with touch screen but there is no out-of-box ready to use touch screens.
I have this -> http://www.kumantech.com/kuman-5quot-inch-resistive-800x480-hdmi-tft-lcd-display-screen-module-with-touch-panel-pen-sd-card-for-raspberry-pi-3-2-model-b-rpi-1-b-b-a-a-sc5a_p0088.html

But I do not know what are the necessary steps to run it.
Could someone explain it ?

We don’t have experience for this panel either.
But this panel looks like support HDMI. Have you tried to plug the HDMI cable to Nano?

BTW, this is jetson TX2 forum board. I just moved it to Nano board. Please post to the correct board next time.

Thank you WayneWWW, HDMI is working well but touch screen is not working because there is no support for driver of it.
Do you know how I can make it run ? What are the necessary steps ?


We need you to tell us what interface is the touch using.