Can I use a touch monitor / touch screen?

Hello, I am a developer who is currently developing with Jetson Nano A02 version.

I left a message to inquire about whether the touch monitor / touch screen can be used while using the current product.

I am currently using a 7inch small monitor and this monitor can be touched using HDMI+USB.

In the articles I found in the forum, I was able to confirm that it is possible to use the touch screen/monitor if it uses a USB type.

However, a problem occurred while using the product, and the resolution is displayed normally.

At the first login, a touch keyboard appeared on the screen and could be used.

The touch screen did not appear in many areas such as windows or chromu that were hidden because the screen for network settings was long.

I thought it was a problem with the current driver, so I tried to reinstall the driver, but it was not used.

Are there any officially supported drivers or compatible drivers when using a commonly sold touch monitor?

We don’t have touch panel supported, but implemented by developers, please refer to Touch panel for Jetson Nano