Jetson Nano with Resistive Touchscreen

Does the Jetson Nano with with resistive touchscreens? I plugged in this screen to my Jetson, and the display works, but the touch doesn’t -

I have never used this, but from looking at the specs, it appears the touch screen uses either GPIO or serial UART. This particular interface is custom to every embedded device, and so both software and configuration probably involves modifying the device tree (the HDMI should “just work” if the resolution is supported…unlike what I saw there regarding the RPi not being able to auto configure video, the Jetson can only work with auto configure of video).

You will want to study the device tree and PINMUX spreadsheet. If you go here (you may need to log in there and click again) you can search for TX2 and PINMUX to get started:$product,jetson_tx2
(do keep in mind that if you use a different carrier board then PINMUX and device tree must change with the carrier board)

Maybe this post will help.