Jetson Touchscreen Display

Hi. I am new to the forum and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what this product is. I am trying to find the official page for it so I can get the manual and find out what connectors I need to get it working with my Jetson TX2 board. Thank you.

Currently, there is no official method to support “touch”. However, if this is DSI panel, then we do support.

Please share more detail about your panel.

Hi. I am not sure. It seems like an official Nvidia product but I have no idea what it’s called. Only thing I found was it listed in a shipping catalog from india:, Item #46 (E1327-A01 TOUCHSCREEN SETUP FOR JET, 690-61327-0000-100)

I am sure that many are still waiting to hear if anybody has any further information on this device. They are showing up on multiple websites and are listed as “touch screen for Jetson” and clearly have an Nvidia logo on the circuit board. If this thing is a genuine Nvidia product and works with Jetson devices, even the first generation, they will sell like hotcakes as they will be extremely useful. I have multiple projects would require a screen like this and I know that I could find users for hundreds of them.