ok thats weird lol

I will look for drop hose tomorrow

this is where I am at.
rxgb world textures jpg on models want to change to dds along with alpha textures

q4 hidef 3.3 mod
when i first tested rxgb it was on the weapon textures, baffles me it dont work now

could not find drophose yet may try in the map editor

nope still cant find it

so is this correct for bc3?

Yep! For BC3 (non-RXGB), that should be correct. (If you have the standalone version and run "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA Texture Tools\nvtt_export.exe" --help in a command line, it’ll print out all of the possible format names. BC3 is “bc3”; BC3N RXGB is “bc3n-rxgb”; BC1A is “bc1a”, and BC1 (without transparency) is “bc1”.


thanks sorry took me forever to be able to login

have you tried rxgb on model textures at all ?
use to work for me, now its not

Hi @y2keeth,

The important thing seems to be to match up the format between the original files and the files you want to replace them with. BC1 and BC3 seem to be the most common; RXGB is pretty rare. For instance, the only file in pak003.pk4 that uses RXGB is models\characters\marine\eye_local.dds, which is a normal map. Replacing non-RXGB files with RXGB data will probably fail, it seems like.

Hope this helps,


worked once

ended up using jpgs
if you want to check it out

this is from that custom Compressonator I talked about before you can see rxgb textures loading on the world textures not the models of course I dont get it

I want to replace the tga’s with dds. rxgb seamed the closest to tga quality

highest quality bc3 seams to be doing the trick