Duplicate DLI course "Augment your LLM using Retrieval Augmented Generation"

Hi, I have a duplicate course “Augment your LLM using Retrieval Augmented Generation” even though I have completed this course with the one that would actually let me load into the course work. The duplicate is stuck there (says “1 hour” vs the correct version says “01:00” that I have completed) and I couldn’t use it anyways as it doesn’t load. Could y’all take this off my dashboard please?


I have looked at your account, and I don’t see a course with the title "Augment your LLM using Retrieval Augmented Generation” in your class list. Is it possible you are using a different email address, or this course is from another vendor?

This is what I see. I’m using the same email and the course was from the learning paths for the Generative AI certificate.

Sorry, this will need the DLI engineer to investigate.
@tdahlin Can you please take a look?

Gotcha, thank you for reaching out for help!

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Hello @rwylieg ,

We’re aware of an issue which causes certain courses to show up in users’ course dashboards that should not show up there, and we are working on a resolution for the problem. In this case, you’re enrolled in a course that has been replaced, and which should not be showing on your dashboard at all.