DX12. The last update of Windows (driver?) contains a bug that affected Titan V.

After updating Windows (to 1803) and the driver (to 398.11) the generation of mipmaps (DirectX 12) on Titan V stopped working. The shader takes incredible time (40-50 milliseconds for 4096x1024), but the mipmap levels remain empty. Before the update, Titan V worked without any problems. Other video cards (tested: Titan X Pascal, Titan Black Kepler and AMD R9 Nano) using the same program and shader work fine. It seems so the bug affected only the Volta GPU.

I do not know exactly where the bug is, it can be both Windows and the driver.

Any attempt to store anything in 2 or more UAV textures with different format or size (for example color and depth) results in the device receiving TDR. For example, filling color (R8G8B0A8) and depth (FLOAT_32) textures 1920x1080 by pixel shader takes 2.5 seconds(!). So the result is predictable: “D3D12 ERROR: ID3D12Device::RemoveDevice: Device removal has been triggered for the following reason (DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG: The Device took an unreasonable amount of time”.
This effect appeared after updating the system and the driver and only on Titan V. All other video cards work fine.