Dynamic Boost Issues with RTX 4090 Mobile on Linux


I am reaching out to report a issue I am experiencing with my Alienware m18 R2, equipped with an Intel Core i9 14900HX and an Nvidia RTX 4090 Mobile graphics card. My primary concern revolves around the Dynamic Boost technology’s functionality under Linux, which behaves inconsistently compared to its performance on Windows.

On Windows, the RTX 4090 Mobile card efficiently utilizes Dynamic Boost, allowing it to exceed the 120W power consumption limit, reaching up to 175W. This feature ensures stable and enhanced gaming performance, with power levels often maintaining above 169W, peaking at 175W. Such performance is both expected and appreciated, aligning with the hardware’s capabilities.

However, transitioning to Linux, I encounter a stark contrast. Dynamic Boost does not activate by default, and the GPU power is capped at 120W. Following the guidance from Nvidia’s documentation (Chapter 23. Dynamic Boost on Linux), I enabled the nvidia-powerd.service using the command systemctl enable --now nvidia-powerd.service. Although this action allows the GPU to exceed the 120W limit, but the performance is unstable and far from reaching the desired 175W. Testing across different driver versions (535, 545, and 550 beta), only the 545 version showed some level of functionality, yet still far from satisfactory.

The fluctuating power consumption and variable performance create a frustrating user experience on Linux, significantly deviating from the stable and high-performance experience on Windows.

Is there a way to stabilize Dynamic Boost functionality on Linux, ensuring the GPU can consistently reach and maintain the 175W power threshold?
Could you provide guidance or an update to improve compatibility across different Linux drivers, especially concerning Dynamic Boost technology?
I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to a resolution that allows me to fully utilize the capabilities of my RTX 4090 Mobile on Linux. Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

‎Request for Support with RTX 4090 Mobile Dynamic Boost Issue on Alienware m18 R2 | DELL Technologies

I made a vidéo about the problem : https://youtu.be/w3rdNG2o8uo

I would like to correct mistakes made in my initial post:

  • Regardless of the driver, whether it’s 535, 545, or 550, dynamic boost also performs poorly. There is no improvement with the 545. It’s far from the Windows experience.

  • The initial power limit without nvidia-powerd service is 125W, not 120W.